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Ariana Lal

I have just started reading this blog and am so inspired. i really admire your commitment to a sustainable life.


I just found your blog via your recent addition to the Summer 2010 edition of Rhythm of the Home (which I loved). I appreciate and admire what you are doing here. As a fellow crafter, I enjoy bringing my passion for the environment into my love of crafting. I love how you have brought color and practicality into your kitchen all while reusing material and avoiding the use of paper/plastic products. My kitchen has been paperless since March of this year, and I look greatly look forward to using some old sheets & fabric remnants to try my hand at some of these projects. Thanks, and I look forward to checking out your shop!


I love the bags! What a great idea. Love the blog. Blessings, Tami


I recently found your blog- very inspirational. Love the bags- do you have a tutorial for them?


Those bags look so great, moving towards my own produce bags is something I've wanted to do for a while - thanks for the inspiration!


Just found your blog via Never Not Knitting - what serendipity!



What fabulous bags! I love your ideas on this blog, they inspire me to try new ways to reduce packaging.


Sewing is my next venture, and I think this will be my first project. I am sure that farmers markets and shopping will be more enjoyable having these little decorative non-disposable bags with me. Much like I think a cup of coffee is best enjoyed in a hand thrown mug, shopping should be done with a personally made bag. Yay. Thanks for the inspiration!

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