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so cool that the teenager didn't get a bag! so wonderful! good for you to say anything, I am always so chicken. instead I just say, oh no, I don't need a bag in a kind of loud voice. Better to just speak up! You are so good at that Molly and I so so so admire it. I remember you on election day on the corner in your Obama jeans, holding up your sign, so brave and so bold. having an organized kitchen has nothing on that sister. please know that. you say what you mean and you mean what you say and it is a lovely lovely wonderful thing.

I haven't forgotten our conversation about your business and am writing up a few ideas that have come to mind since then....


so with you on the rubber cup, love mine! though haven't had to use it for the last 8 months (just a bonus of being pregnant)


The cups are awesome, I've been using mine for nearly three years now.

I'm glad you posted about washing up with the water running. I like to think how green I am, yet I conveniently forget that when I'm doing the dishes. I'm going to try your friends system, it sounds great, just a matter of putting a plan into action.

I like your salad spinner, I usually use a tea towel, fold the corners in and hold them and then swing my arm around and around on the back steps so that centrifugal force flings all the water out. The kids laugh 'cos I look like a loon, but it works well.

My mum remembers when she was little in the early 1950's her family lived out in the bush with no electricity and they used to bath in a galvanised tub in the backyard, all five kids one after the other. My grandmother used to heat the water on the woodstove and carry it out by the bucket. My grandfather worked away, it was hard to find work in the years after WW2 in Australia. I like to think of her when I feel overwhelmed with how much work I have to do. I don't know the meaning of the word really.

Sorry for the ramble. Loved the post!


ah ha ha. i was wondering when you'd post about the dutch dishwashing method. after visiting my friend in amsterdam, and returning home, my mother balked at the way i did the dishes! she didn't trust it... but now, we have a dishwasher, so that saves quite a bit of water as well.

i've been teaching my 2 year old to not let the water run while she is brushing her teeth. it's hard, because she LOVES to play with the water. she takes very loooooong baths to make up for it, i suppose.

molly de Vries

Thank you new friends, Its so wonderful to get your comments, ideas, and inspiration. I know I'm not alone, that support means so much to me. i love hearing about our ancestors. They are our best teachers. Every thing we need to learn is through bringing their stories to life, mixing those with our littles ones ideas and we will be right on track. They didn't have a choice and we have too many. Their hard work gives me the inspiration to go forward. I feel like the more I do for my self, brings a simplicity to my life that is so needed. We all say we don't have the time and I'm sure that is true for so many people. I'm grateful that I work out of my home so that I have the luxury of hanging my clothes, makin my yogurt, bread and tortillas. I would love to hear stories of women and men that have that pressure of working for minimal pay, working long hours, juggling kids and dealing with the pressures of just surviving. Would this journey be of help to them?

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