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That tortilla press looks like great fun!! I wish we had access to that type of thing here. Mexican food looks so fresh and healthy.

I have a bit of a personal issue with the new biodegradable garbage bags and cups/plates etc. While I think on the one hand that they are definately better than the plastic varieties, it's still consuming isn't it?

And I don't know about where you live but they are very expensive here. Our most difficult item to do without would have to be kitchen tidy bags. Maybe we just have to do away with the kitchen tidy! Having said all of that though, I do try and buy recycled or compostable packaging over plastic. I buy unbleached toilet paper in brown paper packets and then I compost the wrap and empty toilet rolls.

Your post just reminded me that my grandparents never kept a bin in their kitchen, they would just lay a few sheets of newspaper out on the kitchen bench as they were preparing a meal and place the rubbish on it, then roll it up when they were done and take it out to the bin outside. If it was something smelly like prawn heads, they would put it in the freezer until rubbish collection day. It was a good system actually.

As for the waste free menstruation, I have had a Diva cup for two and a half years and it has been great, but needs replacing now. They are a good investment, I think it was only $30 or so.

I've gone and rambled on myself, enjoy your lovely summer weather.

Michelle (from wintery Australia!)

molly de Vries

Thank you so much Michelle,
Wow all these things to think about. I can only do a few things at a time. Although I think Im doing more than I give my self credit for. I just bought the Diva cup, I think mine is called the keeper, made out of natural rubber. I love it. I also have been hooked on organic cotton moon pads that my sister lovingly hand stitches since my first baby was born 15 years ago. They are the best, and so comfortable. I will post about them when we head to the bathroom on our blog.
Thanks for your in put about biodegradable stuff. I feel the same way. I do keep thinking, If I buy things that are packaged in post consumer paper. Isn't that using again what we put out in our recycling bins. I want to support jobs out there to replace jobs for people that are making for example plastic bags. These thoughts are twirling in my head. Any way at some point we will figure that one out. For now Im just trying to eliminate as much as possable. Tonight my daughter and I went to the city to shop at rainbow, because they have these amazing 20% off days. She became a vegitarian more than a year ago and I really want to support her. She totally supports our non disposable jouney too. There were a few things that she really wanted to try that was packaged in plastic. We talked about them and let some go but I also allowed her this because I want her to be a part of this journey.
Love Grandma stories, they have done it all. All those simple tricks are so valuable. I hope you are cozy and happy way over there!!! Thanks for reachin out, Molly


I think I know the Dutch way of doing dishes that you mentioned. I stayed with a friend in Amsterdam for a few days, and she showed me but I won't spoil your blog post!

molly de Vries

Nancy, he he he. I can't wait!!!!!!

india flint

hi, i've linked to you from my sidebar, trust that's ok with you?


TRied the link to Tee into bag tutorial, but couldnt find it. Is it my computer?
Thank you for nice site and reminding what I like doing!

Lynn D
Liked the fibershed site where you made clothes for Rebecca B do you have patterns for the camilol and undies?
did you make other items?

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