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Wow, Molly and Mary, this blog is AMAZING!!!! What an endeavor, can't wait to wwatch it's progress...Molly, you are so amazing


I am so glad I found you! I have been thinking of taking the plastic free challenge but find it overwhelming. You have made me a permanent fan! I think I have the courage to begin this challenge and make my kitchen into a "green kitchen". Thanks so much for your inspiration!!


This is a really inspiring post - thanks! I'm excited to hear about the Green Kitchen book, I've just put in a request for it at my local library. :o)


I am so glad to have stumbled across your blog. I am a working mother and am trying to guide my family to live more simply. I am on a similar path to you, I have just been taking one thing at a time so it doesn't become too overwhelming.

For Mother's Day this year I asked for only homemade cards, and no wrapping paper. I asked my husband to put my little present in an old pretty pillowcase we had, and it was all so gorgeous.

Instead of takeaway for Mother's Day dinner (all the advertising for takeaway foods around Mother's Day!!!) we had a beautiful meal cooked at home, we set the table with our mismatched vintage plates I have been slowly collecting, set out the cloth napkins and turned out the lights and lit up the table with some beautiful beeswax rolled candles I bought from a local beekeeper.

At the moment my plastic clothes pegs are just about at the point of disintegration, and I knew I didn't want to replace them, so I have been collecting vintage dolly pegs and let me tell you, every time I use them they make me so happy, they are so beautifully worn and have almost this sheen to them where the wood has been worn smooth from being used everyday all those years ago.

Wishing you all the very best with your endeavour. I am going to try and track down a copy of that Alice Waters book at my library, it sounds very interesting.

Kind Regards,


molly de Vries

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. It sounds like you have a beautiful life and intentions. Having friends to support my intentions helps me so much. I just can't do it alone, it's too overwhelming. I hope our blog is a place were we can build friendships and community, while together creating healthy, peaceful and joyful homes. I hope you get the Alice Waters "The green kitchen". It just simplified cooking for me. Have a great weekend, Molly

molly de Vries

Sweet heart, thanks for your support, we need it!! Love you and keep checkin in!!


This is such an inspirational blog.
I am wondering about your bread making - do you use cloth to cover for all of the rises? Most recipes call for plastic wrap and I don't like it but the cloth tends to "shead" a bit on the dough. This is also a downside for me to using cloth snack bags (right now we use plastic cups with lids) - when we have dried fruit or cheese or veggies they tend to take on the cloth fibers. I am stumped on these two things. Thanks for any help!

I bake from the Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day - love it!

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Mary and Molly are mothers, artists and friends who inspire each other to no end. We are entirely different, yet we are exactly the same. Our devotion to quiet and classic simplicity is equal to our thirst for radical and spontaneous eclecticism. Communally minded, fueled by passion born from outrage, we have embarked on our journey towards a non-disposable life.

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