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HI I love what I've read on your site. As for reusable tea bags you could make little cloth bags w/a draw string, use a french press, or sometimes we just steep in a jar, and strain it through a fine strainer. I have an old tea ball the came apart, I saved both halves and it fits perfectly over a glass jar, thats what my husband will use the most. It's easy to dump it over the compost as well.
Your list got me thinking, what do I do, and what are my intentions...
Always use cloth grocery/shopping bags, I keep some in the trunk as well. I store close to everything in glass jars. Try to only buy things in recyclable packaging, like 100% recycled TP in a recyclable #4 bag. I made cloth bags for food from my husbands old pj's. I make a lot of the gifts we give, cloth dolls and kids toys are my favorite to make. I try to buy most things from the resale store, I found a rusty set of 3 cast iron pans that scrubbed up great for 17.00.
My goal is to live on a farm, grow as much of our food as I can, get a grain mill to make flours (were gluten free so the bulk bin is out). And get off the grid!
Good luck to us all! Love from MI, Amy


I'm wondering why you're wanting to use something other than your plastic scrubber brush. If you've already BOUGHT the scrub brush, why can't you just keep using it? What are you going to do with the old one? Throw it away? Just curious :)


HI Amy-
The plastic scrub brush actually has replaceable heads that I keep having to purchase to upkeep it. Rather than not perpetuating that cycle, after the last head was basically used til destruction, I donated it. It is not one brush that is new that will stay new forever. Thanks for your question.


Regarding the scrub brush -- I recently found one on that is made from wood, metal, and natural bristles, with a replaceable head. The brush is $4.95, and the replacement heads were less than $3, so it's affordable. The bummer is that it is made in Switzerland, so the shipping miles are atrocious. Of course, they probably are on plastic products as well.


This was a great read. I already got rid of the microwave - surprisingly the husband obliged. I'm moving onto reusing empty jars as food storage at the moment. I wanted to buy some but with all the inspiration from great blogs like yours, I am seeing the look becoming a trend.
Question, where did you get these bags you have a few photos of near the end, and what are they used for?


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