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What a great post!
I love Furoshiki so romantic and practical. What fun.
This is all really inspiring as I find it so hard to stay on track when SO surrounded by convenience and people who think it is ridiculous to care/try that much...
This is why I love the online world though I would love to tap into it on a local level.

renee ~ heirloom seasons

The Furoshiki is so great! We have been wrapping everything in cloth napkins, (except the bread goes in the bread bag), it would be nice though to be able to tie everything up in a nice little bundle.
Oh no, now I am stuck trying to figure out how to buy strawberries without plastic packaging, in an area where our farmers don't really grow strawberries, we do some but nowhere near enough. Ahh though, I just remembered, wild strawberries, yay, that will help.
I am enjoying your blog very much, your are doing good things here, thank you for sharing!


I just found your site!! I LOVE it!! Thanks for the tips!!!!

molly de Vries

Thank you friends for your comments. You guys are keeping me on the computer too long this morning. I love being a part of your lives through our blogs. Renee, furoshiki has been so much fun for me. I had a sustainable fabric store and had many choices of cloth. Japan is a huge inspiration to me and the fact that just like a napkin, with cloth you can be so resourceful. I guess it was a form of packaging in years back. I enjoy your blog so much. My family started late in eating really healthy food, So Im finding so much support and inspiration in this community. E, Im sorry I don't know your name.... your photos and esthetic are right up my ally. I didn't know the word prosaic. I love, love, love that. I have a book the my daughter found in the library dumpster with my name all over it written in the 40 or 50s. The art of every day life.


I just discovered this blog moments ago, coming here from "poppies and milk" which I just discovered today, also.
Thank you for reminding me that "I will clean up after myself." I know that is the reason our home gets out of control. The hammer left on the table, my purse on the counter, etc. You know what I mean.
Love, love, love it!!!!!


Wow. Love your ideas. We have implemented many of these at home, and I try to use as little packaging as possible. I am struggling on the bulk buying though, and the packaging that brings. I really need to source this more. I make our own spreadable butter, preserve fruit and vegetables, make pickles, jams and relishes, dry my own fruit, make my own bread (sometimes), bake often, and we practice Nude Food when the kids go to school (food and snacks that are 'nude" so no packaging).

We don't use paper towels, always use reusable grocery bags, and our chickens use up our scraps and provide us with yummy eggs. We throw out only 2 supermarket sized shopping bags of rubbish per week for a family of five (sometimes only 1 bag). We dispose of lots of recycling though, which I would like to reduce. We always line dry, in fact we don't own a dryer. My youngest is in cloth nappies.

I am inspired by people who set a goal for their family and strive to reach it for the good of the environment. Well done! I look forward to following your blog. Good luck with your project.


beautiful furoshiki - inspiring and simple! I have always struggled with organization too, but the more I organize, the easier it is to do more creating with my family without frustration. It is also easier for my kids to be more independant when they want to create.

Thank you for your blogs and for the lovely addition to Rhythm of the Home.

molly de Vries

Thank you so much for your comment. Wow, you are such an inspiration to me ( I have so much to learn). I think the best thing about sharing my process about something so publicly, is feeling so supported and inspired to go further from people like you. This process has been so slow for me. Even bringing all the food at one time to the dinner table has been tricky. Because we are eating so many different things than before. I don't totally know how to make a full sit down meal any more. I am learning about what my family really wants in a whole new way. Making lots of mistakes, getting yelled at for starting this whole thing. All in all, I believe my family is becoming more connected and creating a healthier family esteem. The other night I was in a panic, it was dinner time, I was hungry and didn't have a clue what to make. My honey called home offering to go to the store for me. Its moments like that when I forget what my intentions are. Instead of saying okay, get all that packaged stuff, I can't even remember what I needed or wanted. Oh raviolis( these hand made something or others that we have been eating for years( comes in a box) and parmigano cheese. Im a lunatic when Im hungry. Anyway, I just said no thankyou, asked Annabel if she wanted to ride her bike with me to whole foods. We got what we needed and sat there eating sprouts together. I don't even know what I cooked for dinner that night. Just making that extra effort to honor our intentions and going for a lovely bike ride with my girl made it worth it. Sorry for rambling, but you inspired me to share a little bit of my week.

molly de Vries

Thank you Tanja,
I find furoshiki so useful and beautiful in so many ways. I think it's a great way to teach our kids and ourself how to be resourseful. The kind words about becoming more organized and more time to be creative with family is huge for me. I always held on to my wild, spontanious, messy side for fear I would loose the creative part of me. So not true. I know I will never loose my creativity and haveing order brings me peace now in my life. That was so hard for me to say. The funny thing is that every thing I create is very simple. life is healing that way if we let it natually unfold.


HI Molly, Good on you for not giving in! I find that forward planning is the key. I menu plan monthly. The plan I use even has down to a note the night before to soak the dried beans (so I don't buy canned beans). This is a huge help. I hate making dinner (I much prefer baking), so the menu plan is my lifeline. Without it chaos reigns in my home, children whine, and my toddler hangs off my leg.

I would love to have a wholefoods store nearby, but we live on acreage out of town, so it would be a long hike! Thanks for your kind words.

Nicola@Which Name?

I am excited to follow you (and join you?!) on this journey. Do you know about Old Recipe for a New World?
She went no-plastic for a number of months and blogged about it.
Good luck and thanks for blogging your journey!

AG Ambroult

I learned something today. I had never heard of furoshiki but I love the concept, and simplicity. Thanks!
(arrived here via Which name? Nice to "meet" you!)

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