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There is a recipe in The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book for sprouted bread. One is yeasted and one is unyeasted. I am curious about these, but haven't attempted them yet. I love sprouted bread too, and would love to be able to make it myself.


Best tool we ever bought (for the farmer's market and walking to shop rather than driving) is one of those fold-up metal two-wheeled carts (which I'd formerly only thought of as old-lady-in-the-city shopping carts). I pull mine behind me through the farmer's market and load in my pounds and pounds of produce and it's SO much more manageable than trying to carry it all!

Sounds like you're off to an awesome start!

Earth Mama

I'm loving this new blog! It can be such a whirlwind of sorts. My family is moving toward simplicity in a number of ways, yet, lately as we make compromises to get there, I am severely struggling big time. I want the calm after the storm now. Pondering how to jump over the rainbow. Thanks for the inspiration. I like the clear the cabinets part.



A woman inspired me the other day when she told me she makes her own almond milk, which she says is unlike anything you can buy in a box. She says the trick is to soak the almonds overnight, and then drain, liquify in a blender, and squeeze through cheesecloth. She says it is the richest, creamiest, most amazing milk, which she can't wait to have in her tea every morning. Lasts 3 days in the fridge. Her current effort is to find how many things she can make (like crackers) from the leftover pulp.

You two are really leading the charge on this. Thanks!


OH, that sounds really good! I use my ricemilk solely in my tea in the morning and night. (use cream in my coffee, but in tea it just doesnt taste right to me...) I will totally check this out as it sounds do-able to me. I am so curious as to how to make rice milk also. I will need to research... Thanks so much for sharing this. How inspiring!


It is a slow and dutiful process, I am finding, as my family still has to be able to function at the same time. Clearing the cabinets definitely cleared my head, though. So did cleaning out my freezer! :) Now I have room for all of the good stuff i can make and freeze to make my own convenience foods right? :) thanks for reading! You are also one very inspiring mama... :)


You made me laugh with the old lady in the city comment! I have seen folks at the market with those and wonder if it is worth it. I may have to try and find one... :) Thanks for your support of our blog!


Oh, thank you so much for this resource. I have seen that book, but dont own it. Off to the library I go and I will try this as I so miss sprouted bread and would LOVE to learn to make it at home. Thanks again for this!

Kyce at Old Recipe for a New World

Hi--just found you via earth mama...I can relate so well to this journey as my family and I just finished a four month plastic fast--sounds like you are working on all kinds of packaging, but plastic was where we started. I especially wanted to say I understand the challenge of snacking with only whole foods around. I don't remember exactly what we used to eat, only how baffled I was when I no longer could eat those things. And now it's just second nature to keep real food prepared and on hand--a pot of beans, some eggs, flour for a tortilla or two. Off to read the rest of your posts. Enjoy the journey!


Oh, thanks so much for finding us! I just look at your space and it is so inspiring! I am also going to spend some time reading your back posts as well. While we are focusing on all packaging, plastic is definitely the main one we are trying to eliminate. If we are not able to find items without packaging, paper or cardboard or glass are a better option for sure (and one we use often as we reuse all of the glass containers and the paper can compost or recycle). We are being gentle in our transition (i.e. I cant seem to live without my goat products so until I find a source, I am allowing myself to purchase those evil plastic bottles of goat milk), but a plastic fast sounds awesome. Thanks for being inspirational!


Oh such great food for thought. And id that your kale in a vase/ jar with water? Brilliant! Wilty kale is my arch nemesis at the moment. There is nothing worse than wasting some perfectly good kale because you waited a day too long. Do you still refrigerate it or just set it out? I am so excited to try this -- kale salads for all!!!


yes, I just left it out on the counter. put it right in from the farmers market and kept it there for a few days without any wilting! Hurray! i feel like it is always a race against time to make the kale before it wilts, but this buys me a few days for sure! (I did recut the stems a tiny bit before putting in water, like flowers...)

renee ~ heirloom seasons

I love the kale in the jar solution, (though fortunately soon we will have plenty in the garden!)... and I know how you feel about the rice milk box, until recently we had been vegan for 17 years, I am seriously distressed to think of all the soymilk boxes :( So now drinking organic whole milk in glass bottles, first steps in better choices, really focusing on packaging this year too, have managed for months now to do all of our bulk food shopping without a single plastic bag or container! I really love what you and Molly are doing here!


Here is a recipe out of an old book of mine called vegan vittles. I have never tried it.
Rice Milk
1 cup well cooked brown rice
3 cups almost boiling water
2-3 Tbsp brown rice syrup (I am sure maple would subsitute just fine!)
1/2 tsp vanilla (optional)
pinch of salt

1.Place rice in blender with 1 cup of the hot water, the sweetener, vanilla, and salt. Process until mixture is a smooth, thick cream.
2. Add remaining hot water 1 cup at a time, and blend on high until creamy.
3. Strain the milk through a strainer into a bowl or liquid measuring cup. Stir the milk to help it go through the strainer more easily and mash the residual rice meal firmly to expel as much liquid as possible.
4.store is glass container in fridge for 3-5 days. Shake well before use.

Healthy bread in 5 minutes a day (that's the title of the book) has some gluten free varieties that I haven't got to try yet (I just had a baby!), but they look yummy.

I think sprouted flour comes from first sprouting the grain, then dehydrating it, and then grinding it. I would then think that perhaps you would follow a regualar bread recipe with the sprouted flour?


In respose to Nicole-
I dehydrate the almond pulp from home made almond milk and then blend it into flour. And then use it in place of almond flour in mostly muffin recipes. My freind uses the dehydrated pulp in place of some of the nuts in raw pie crusts.

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